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SD Bullion has stood apart in competitors since its 2012 inception and is a top choice in the precious metal market. The organization ranks 177 in the US's list of the 5,000 top growing businesses and has retained its high ranking globally.

Dr. Tyler Wall co-founded the organization with the mission to remain dedicated to protecting assets and wealth for his customers. The organization's customers continue to rave about Dr. Wall and SD Bullion's efforts to sell and preserve precious metals investments and its commitment to all clients. To find out more, read our full SD Bullion review. 

What Is SD Bullion?

SD Bullion is a precious metals reseller dealing in platinum, gold and silver bullion. With record sales of precious metals exceeding $1 billion, the organization has generated millions of dollars in investment returns for its clients. Customers have choices for precious metals investments, including bars and bullion coins.

The committed founders provide incomparable service for all customers that far exceeds that of competing companies. The company's team of workers meets and goes beyond customer expectations and consistently gets terrific reviews.

The organization's performance in the industry and market is unparalleled and solidifies the company's position as a top reseller of precious metals. Its staff's commitment to fulfilling all clients' needs has not only achieved many awards and recognition, but the company has an extensive history of satisfied customers who return for new investments regularly.

Precious metals investors at all levels have questions about investing in these financial assets. In our SD Bullion review, we found that the company has a knowledgeable staff to answer common questions for their customers and assure the clients that their investment is solid. A compilation of the top FAQs presents more insight into this SD Bullion review and manages concerns that investors might have when investing for the first time.

Beginner and seasoned investors alike want to know they've selected the best company for making vital investments that could affect not just their lives but the future financial circumstances of their families. Are you ready to learn more about this brilliant reseller and the many ways to invest in, and buy precious metals? Keep reading for more information and discover a lucrative and safe way to invest in precious metals.

SD Bullion precious metals market

What Can Customers Expect From SD Bullion?

Top precious metals organization SD Bullion helps investors purchase precious metals to secure their financial future. The organization offers the lowest prices for each metal based on the current market values and advises clients on ways to enhance their investment strategies and how these purchases will present a return in the future. Studies show that precious metals investments are safer and protect the security of the clients' wealth more effectively than purchasing stocks that could lose value without warning.

Precious metals investors have several options for their purchases, and SD Bullion offers bullion and coins in many currencies, including British, Chinese, Mexican, and Australian bullion. We describe other options in our Monetary Gold review. The organization's team of advisors provides guidance about purchasing precious metals in U.S. and other currencies. Clients are well-educated about their choices for their investment before the conversations end with these advisors, and customers make solid decisions without apprehensions.

Precious metals IRAs provide another terrific investment option available through SD Bullion, and many investors see incredible returns in coming years and during retirement. The team of advisors guides all clients through IRA investing and shows customers the best ways to get started. Are you ready to find out more about IRAs and precious metals investment opportunities? Continue reading for insightful details.

Previewing the Precious Metals Available Through SD Bullion Review


Gold is the most stable precious metals investment as it has a history of retaining its value and performing better even under harsh market conditions. Customers can invest in gold coins or bars through SD Bullion. Top gold coin investments include:

  • American gold eagle coins
  • Royal Canadian mint coins
  • American gold buffalo coins
  • British Royal mint coins
  • Chinese mint gold panda coins
  • African mint gold krugerrand coins
  • Mexican gold Libertad coins
  • Australian Perth mint coins
  • Australian gold philharmonic coins
SD Bullion gold online dealer

Gold bars remain a lucrative commodity, and SD Bullion offers gold bars for investors. Advisors recommend selections ranging from Canadian mint gold bars to Perth mint gold bars. The investors can review these selections based on their objectives and get further details from advisors and customer service representatives.


Silver coins present another sound choice for precious metals investors and include:

  • Perth mint Australian silver coins
  • Royal Canadian mint silver coins
  • Americal silver Eagle coins
  • Armenian Noah's Ark coins
  • British royal mint coins
SD Bullion silver online dealer

SD Bullion offers silver bars ranging from one ounce to 1,000 ounces. The company acquires silver mints from trusted suppliers that ensure .999 metal purity for all silver bars, silver rounds, and silver bullion. Ready to learn how to invest in a silver bar? Visit SD Bullion for more details now.


Platinum offers another terrific precious metal investment option and offers higher returns. SD Bullion offers bars and coins for interested clients, and their coins include American platinum eagles, Australian platinum kangaroo, and Canadian maple platinum coins.

Platinum coins on SD Bullion website

For its platinum bars, SD Bullion places their faith in trusted mints to present the highest quality. The platinum bar selections include Pamp Suisse, Credit Suisse, and Valcambi. Want to learn more about platinum bars or platinum coins? Contact a customer representative for more details.

Other Precious Metals

Platinum, gold and silver bullion are among the most popular precious metals investment options, but some bullion dealers offer more investment opportunities with palladium and copper. As scrap metal resellers know, manufacturers use these metals in electronics and HVAC systems, and scrap dealers generate their income stream by finding and selling the metals. SD Bullion offers investments in copper and palladium to diversify the client's portfolio and increase the return on future financial securities. They also offer free shipping on orders of $199 or higher. Are you ready to diversify your investment portfolio? Go to contact on the SD Bullion website for answers about palladium and copper investments.

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Understanding Precious Metals Prices

SD Bullion dealer has a reputation for helping precious metals investors find the best price for their selections, and the company is committed to providing the best customer service possible. Customers won't find the same quality and economically-sound prices through other precious metals dealers, and clients see that the rates are more affordable and won't present them with low-quality metals.

SD Bullion maintains up-to-date information about all precious metals prices, and the data system generates updates for all price changes. Clients see the exact cost for each metal and make well-educated decisions about their precious metals investments. Advisors provide pricing details upon request to help clients decide what metals are suitable for all investments.

Precious metals prices adjust according to the current supply on hand, and prices could increase when supplies are lower. As precious metals decrease in supply, SD Bullion compares its prices to competitors to guarantee that clients receive the best prices for their purchases.

The company's pricing strategies have increased the popularity of the metals dealer and kept them abreast of competitors. The company offers more incentives to clients, such as free precious metals shipments based on the total purchase price. Contact the precious metals dealers now for in-depth details.

Vital Details About Investing in Precious Metals IRAs

SD Bullion's precious metals IRAs offer security for clients' financial future, and the investors can choose any precious metal; however, gold is the most stable choice based on its performance. The SD Bullion website offers guidance on where to get started on an IRA investment, and clients can follow a few simple steps shown here.

1. Open the IRA Account

An SD Bullion dealer presents clients with all the necessary documentation for creating the IRA account. The self-directed IRA requires the client to select a custodian for their account. A trust, bank, or other IRS-approved custodian is sufficient for overseeing the IRA account.

SD Bullion offers assistance to clients in helping the customers find an appropriate custodian for the precious metals. The company facilitates the transactions and transfers the IRA to a proper custodian based on their current connections.

The trusted metals dealer recommends custodians, including Goldstar Trust, New Direction IRA, Provident Trust, The Entrust Group, Equity Institutional, and Kingdom Trust. SD Bullion clients are free to choose their custodian and depository location. SD Bullion advisors provide customers with information about their cancellation fee and costs related to all recommended custodians if clients choose from the company's suggested custodians. SD Bullion's advisors guide customers through account processing requirements.

2. Select a Funding Source

The self-directed IRA requires a payment method to start, and most customers use an existing retirement plan to fund these accounts. The client can bank wire transfer a percentage of their current retirement plan into the precious metals IRA. Most financial advisors recommend investing five to ten percent of the existing retirement plan in the new IRA.

3. Choose the Best Precious Metals for the IRA

SD Bullion advisors help clients compare the performance of all precious metals for IRA accounts to help customers make the most appropriate choice for their investment. Clients purchase precious metals according to the funding balance transferred to the IRA account, and advisors can present great prices based on the client's total investment amount.

4. Selecting a Depository

After starting and funding the precious metals IRA, the client needs a secure depository for their precious metals. Investors turn to their custodians about where to store precious metals. The IRA documentation defines what depository stores and manages the IRA account and the metals.

Lowest Cost SD Bullion

Storing Precious Metals After Purchase

Investors opting out of purchasing a precious metals IRA and want to maintain control over the metals need a secure location to store these metals. SD Bullion recommends using a secured depository for storing the metals at a flat-rate fee. These depositories are monitored carefully and secured. The storage fees depend on the precious metals and the metal rate per annum. For example, gold and platinum are at 29%, and silver is around 39%.

Customers who want to use SD Bullion's depositories have peace of mind because their physical metals are backed by an insurance company, and SD Bullion stores all metals separately with all customer documentation.

Customer service representatives help clients open a depository account. The representatives collect the monthly fees and set up direct access to the depository for the clients. If clients purchase precious metals later, the SD Bullion customers add the physical metals to the existing supply as they choose. The base rate for opening a depository account is $9.99 per month.

What Should Clients Know About SD Bullion?

SD Bullion is a top precious metals dealer presenting the most competitive prices on the market and has a dedicated team of advisors and great customer service representatives who offers in-depth details about purchasing precious metals and investing in metal IRA accounts.

The team assists clients in buying the preferred precious metals and setting up gold and silver IRA accounts for future financial security. All precious metals IRA present are accessible through rollover opportunities and funding from existing retirement plans. As a top metals dealer, SD Bullion provides avenues for clients to sell existing metals investments for cash with their buyback guarantee.

However, SD Bullion, like other precious metals dealers, cannot control price fluctuations based on market conditions, but the company offers the lowest rates possible compared to other metal dealers. The company's physical location might lead to some limitations for customers abroad, and overseas investors will need to speak to an advisor about these potential restrictions before investing.

Purchasing bullion from SD Bullion

Is SD Bullion a Scam?

Investors worldwide have concerns about the credibility of precious metals dealers, and many fear that some metals investments are a scam or fraudulent. SD Bullion is a trusted company and isn't a scam. Customers can rest assured that all their metals investments are real and protected. SD Bullion is a highly regarded precious metals dealer with IRA eligibility and connections to high-caliber custodians, such as Goldstar Trust.

SD Bullion has rave reviews from thousands of customers worldwide, including high ratings from previous clients on Better Business Bureau which gives them a BBB rating of X. The company has a proven track record of excellence and an extensive client base to support its reputation for low prices and high-quality precious metals. If you're ready to learn more about investing with SD Bullion, request a free gold investment kit and get started today.


SD Bullion is a great company with which to invest. It is a general-purpose precious metals dealer that allows customers to purchase as well as open an IRA gold account to help diversify their holdings. In addition, they offer free shipping on all orders over $199. Their low costs are unmatched, and they have a wide selection of metals form which to choose. Call 1-800-294-8732 or fill out their online purchase form if you're interested in SD Bullion, or visit the SD Bullion website for more information.


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