Why is gold valuable?

Few metals in history can claim the same level of desirableness as gold. Why is gold valuable? Here are 3 reasons gold has maintained high value throughout history. What makes gold valuable? Gold has supported exploration and exploitation for at least two centuries and functioned as a hard currency for almost every civilization that had […]

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Gold Silver Ratio

What is the gold to silver ratio? The gold to silver ratio illustrates how valuable gold is in comparison to silver and can shed light on potential price movements between the two metals. How to calculate the gold silver ratio? To calculate the gold / silver ratio, divide the current gold price by the current […]

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Insure Gold: How to Keep It Safe

Acquiring gold is one thing, but storing it and protecting it is a whole other matter. Even if you have found a place to store your gold somewhere safe, there could be unforeseen events coming around the corner. Are you going to rely on the FDIC? Can you insure gold? Contrary to other assets like […]

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Gold Storage: How and Where to Store Gold

Crime is anticipated to rise as the American economy stagnates and potentially reaches a point of not recovering. Gold thefts have already made news in the United States and beyond. One story describes a man who had $200,000 worth of American Gold Eagles stolen. Another man invested all of his life savings in silver, only […]

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How Much is Fools Gold Worth?

Because of its similarities to gold, the sulfide mineral iron pyrite, commonly known as fool's gold, has earned a name for itself throughout history. Many prospectors have been duped into thinking they've found the real thing by its brass-yellow color. Where did Fool's Gold get it's name? Fool's gold got its name because of its […]

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What is the best way to invest in gold and silver?

Many investors are seeking strategies to brace for future uncertainty as we approach a post-pandemic era. Investing in precious metals such as gold and silver may be a solution for some. If you've been considering putting part of your money into alternative investments, such as holding a piece of your portfolio in counter-cyclical assets, gold […]

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How to Transfer 401k to Gold Without a Penalty

Saving and investing are the most effective ways to build money. With the state of interest right now, putting money in a bank account will not increase your wealth. That money you save should be put to work for you, earning you more money passively. However, many conscientious savers are unsure where to put their […]

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