White Gold Definition

Although white gold is a common choice for jewelry, many people are unaware of its composition. Look at white gold's characteristics, what white gold is made of, and how it differs from those of yellow gold. Pure yellow gold is combined with other metals to create an alloy that is tougher and has a white […]

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Gold Certificates Definition

What is a gold certificate? A gold certificate is a type of documentation that grants the bearer ownership rights to a certain amount of physical gold. Simply put, this certificate provides ownership of physical gold without the expenses and downsides associated with keeping and storing the gold bullion itself. The rights to the gold mentioned on a […]

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Gold Option Definition

There are many options for investing in gold from which to choose. The right one for you depends on many different factors, some of which may be more tailored to your specific needs than others. In this article, we will discuss these different options to help you narrow down which gold investment option you should […]

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Gold Bugs Definition

Is buying gold a smart financial move? How do you know when it is a good time to buy gold? What are gold bugs? These are all excellent questions to ask before you begin to invest in gold. Let's look at the answers to these questions. What is a Gold Bug? A gold bug is someone […]

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Gold Bullion Definition

Gold or silver bullion is a priceless precious metal. Gold bullion bars and gold bullion coins are the two main types of this product. The fact that its value is solely based on the precious metals it contains is what distinguishes it as gold bullion. Gold bullion is primarily a financial asset. Gold bullion lacks […]

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