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JM Bullion is a leader in precious metals and presents its customers with stellar benefits. The precious metals dealer offers an extensive catalog of coins and bars and presents secure storage selections to keep these investments safe. Military personnel receives incredible discounts on precious metals purchases and storage selections.

JM Bullion originates in Texas and is among the most reputable U.S. precious metals sellers. If the customer is a military member or an average investor, JM Bullion's customer service representatives have everything ready to get clients started.

What Can Clients Get From JM Bullion's site?

JM Bullion coin orders


Customers have the opportunity to purchase gold, silver, platinum, copper, and palladium through JM Bullion. The precious metals seller offers coins, bullets, rounds, statutes, and bars according to the customer's preferences. 

Popular gold coin selections include:

  • American Eagle coins
  • South African gold Krugerrands Austrian gold philharmonics,
  • Canadian Maple Leafs
  • British gold Britianias
Gold dealer JM Bullion


Silver coins or silver bullion are terrific investments for customers who aren't ready to buy gold bars or platinum bullion and want to weigh their options. 

Popular silver coins selections available through JM Bullion include:

  • American Silver Eagles
  • British Silver Queen's Beast
  • Australian Silver Coins Lunar Series
  • Canadian Silver Coins Maple Leafs
Silver rounds from JM Bullion


Platinum bullion has a higher value than most metals and offers versatility for investors, and many JM Bullion customers use some of the platinum investments to create lasting jewelry. Jewelry with meticulously-selected diamonds offers a higher resell value and gives the customers more out of the investment. 

JM Bullion provides platinum bars and coins that include:

  • American Platinum Eagles
  • Australian Platinum Coins
  • Somalian Platinum Eagles
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How Do Clients Buy Precious Metals From JM Bullion?

JM Bullion's customer service representatives help investors get started on precious metals investments by discussing the benefits of all precious metals selections. Investors follow a few steps to complete the purchases and secure their precious metals investments.

Explore All Precious Metals

Investors receive products according to the preferred quantity, price, and projected investment return. JM Bullion's website simplifies the purchase by offering easy-to-navigate features where clients receive the precious metals and add the preferred coins or bars to the checkout cart.

Many customers set up a user account to secure personal information and financial details for later, and the clients can review all previous orders through the user account, similar to what we describe in our Money Metals Exchange review. By saving financial data, the customers finish the checkout process takes only a few seconds, and one-click purchasing is available. First-time buyers enter the information as requested on the screen with the option to save the payment method for later use.

After the customer enters the payment information, they select the preferred shipping method. JM Bullion offers several shipping methods to meet your needs and get the precious metals to them as quickly as possible.

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Does JM Bullion Accept Customer Returns?

At JM Bullion, customer satisfaction is the company's mission, and if customers aren't satisfied with the precious metals purchases, the clients have a five-day window to process a return. Clients have several options for contacting customer service, including via phone, email messages, or by connecting to live chat through the company website. Customer service representatives are ready to process returns quickly and efficiently.

Customer service representatives discuss the return with the customer and give authorization based on the reason for the return. JM Bullion customers follow the representative's instructions when packaging and returning the coins or bars to JM Bullion. Some shipping fees apply to precious metals returns, and if there is a market value loss, the customer service representatives explain the difference in value before processing the refund.

The market value of the precious metals defines the repurchase price offered by the precious metals dealer. Market changes affect the value of all precious metals, and these sudden changes can reduce the cash value after the purchase.

What Payment Methods Does JM Bullion Accept?

JM Bullion accepts the most popular payment methods, including e-checks and online wallet purchases. Some payment methods have minimum purchases and purchase limits, but some options give the customers a discount for precious metals purchases.

ACH transfers limit purchases to $25,000. Cryptocurrency purchases have a maximum purchase limit of $150,000. Checks mailed to JM Bullion are limited to a maximum purchase of $50,000. JM Bullion accepts all major credit cards, but the purchase limit for using a credit card is $5,000. Paypal is acceptable, but the maximum purchase limit is $10,000.

JM Bullion accepts wire transfers with a minimum purchase of $2,500 and a maximum purchase of $250,000. Some discounts apply to precious metals purchases. For example, ACH transfers save customers 4% more than major credit cards or PayPal, Cryptocurrency purchases are 3% less than using a credit card or digital wallets, and Customers save around 4% when issuing a bank wire transfer to JM Bullion.

JM Bullion silver coins

What Shipping Options Does JM Bullion Provide?

USPS is available for standard or expedited shipping, and UPS is available for customers who want the precious metals faster. JM Bullion presents shipping rates in the checkout cart, and customers review the preferred shipping method and costs before finalizing the purchase. All shipping fees include insurance for precious metals shipments. Standard shipping starts at $3.99, but customers are encouraged to review all shipping options and costs on the checkout page and adjust the selections according to their preferences and budget.

Order tracking is available for all precious metals shipments, and details are available by using the tracking number on the first day following credit card company or other payment processing. JM Bullion mails customer precious metals purchases within two days after receiving the client's payment. JM Bullion requires customers to sign for any precious metals shipments valued at $1,000 or more.

How to Sell Precious Metals to JM Bullion

JM Bullion purchases precious metals from clients with a starting value of $1,000. The precious metals seller offers instructions on the website for these precious metals purchases, and customers should start by visiting the website and clicking the appropriate link.

JM Bullion requires all buyers and sellers to create a user account via the company's website. The customer signs into the user account and selects the precious metals they wish to sell back to the precious metals dealer. The user account stores all information about all metal purchases finalized by the client through JM Bullion. Once the customer signs into the user account, the client goes to the 'Sell to Us" link on the navigation bar at the top of the JM Bullion website. After the page loads, the customer clicks the "Sell to Us" link on the new page.

The customer selects the precious metals appearing in the user account and the quantity they want to sell back to JM Bullion. The customer representatives review the purchase request and send the client a quote for repurchasing the precious metals. If the customer accepts, the clients follow the instructions in the email, including printing out a shipping label provided by JM Bullion for the precious metals package. The customer service representatives offer instructions on how to package the precious metals when selling them back to the company.

The customer service representatives contact the customer after the shipment arrives at JM Bullion. The on-site staff reviews all precious metals for damage and quality, and JM Bullion sends the customer's payment according to the customer's preferred payment method. All customer payments arrive within three days of receiving the precious metals.

Precious metals online from JM Bullion

JM Bullion Offers Competitive Prices for Precious Metals

JM Bullion offers several precious metals at competitive prices to give customers a fair and reasonable price for precious metals investments. Customers can review the precious metals dealer's price list by reviewing each metal available through the seller. The price the customers see on the website is the exact cost of each coin or bar they want, and JM Bullion doesn't increase the price to acquire a commission or have any hidden service fees that apply later.

Investors decide how to invest in precious metals according to the current market prices and how well the value of the metals grows over time. Customer service representatives can provide information about the value of the metals and help customers make a well-informed decision when investing in precious metals.

Is JM Bullion a Scam?

Many precious metals investors have questions and concerns about all precious metals sellers and need reassurance that the investment is sound and not fraudulent. The JM Bullion headquarters has been in Dallas, Texas, since its inception in 2011. Prospective customers can review the company's listing on the Better Business Bureau and see its current rating. Upon review, new clients see that zero customers filed complaints against the precious metals seller. JM Bullion's A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau shows the organization is a safe and legitimate seller of precious metals in the U.S.

How Does JM Bullion Keep Customer Data and Shipments Safe?

JM Bullion secures all financial and personal customer data via data security and encryption to meet all IT standards in the U.S. and abroad. Outsiders cannot see any customer data via the user accounts. JM Bullion clients have individual user names and passwords to maintain control over the user accounts and all information stored in JM Bullion's data center.

All precious metals shipments arrive in discreet packages without any of the precious metals dealer's information on the parcel. Once the package ships, customers receive a tracking number to find tracking information showing the package's location from shipment to delivery.

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JM Bullion's Reputation for High Quality

New customers can read through the rave customer reviews of JM Bullion online and on social media, and many of JM Bullion's customers are also social media followers who present explicit details about positive experiences with the company.

Precious metals customers who remain skeptical about JM Bullion are welcome to read customer reviews on the company website and social media platforms for more information about customer experiences. Based on these reviews, prospective clients can see why JM Bullion has received 4.7 stars from the Better Business Bureau and retains a TrustScore of 3.4 on Trustpilot.

What Are the Advantages of Choosing JM Bullion?

New customers assess the advantages and disadvantages of buying precious metals from JM Bullion. One benefit of choosing JM Bullion over other companies is that the customer service representatives do not earn a commission from JM Bullion's precious metals sales. Since they don't get a commission, there isn't a pushy sales pitch to get customers to buy precious metals, and the representatives spend more time explaining what the investors receive from the purchases.

Military personnel receives discounts on precious metals purchases, and the customers can purchase precious metals in bulk orders if they prefer. The customers have many options for storing the precious metals if the service member deploys after the purchases.

JM Bullion presents depository and storage selections that accommodate the customer's needs. These options include TDS Vaults, where JM Bullion can deliver all purchases of the precious metal to the depository for the customers.

JM Bullion offers instant pricing for all precious metals and keeps customers up to date about market value changes. The company also has a reputation for excellence and maintains high rankings with the Better Business Bureau and Trustpilot.

Storing Precious Metals Investments

All customers have control over where to store precious metals purchases, but JM Bullion offers safe and secure storage solutions for all customers. JM Bullion has partnered with TDS Vaults and offers safe storage for all its customers' precious metals investments.

If you'd like to find out more about applying for storage at the depository, there is an online application through the JM Bullion website. Currently, TDS Vaults offers safe storage in Las Vegas, New York, Singapore, Toronto, and Zurich. Customers choose a preferred location and apply these details to the online application. Once approved, the customers direct all JM Bullion purchases to the safe depository.

JM Bullion has a stellar reputation for excellence and offers incredible precious metals investment opportunities. The company accepts many payment methods to accommodate the needs of all customers in the U.S. and abroad, and the organization even offers secure storage options for protecting the customer's purchase and financial future. Do you want to learn more about investing in and buying gold, silver bullion, or platinum? Contact JM Bullion to get started today.


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